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JILIaaa Responsible Gambling

At JILIAAA, our goal is to provide a top-notch gaming experience for all our users. While we want you to have a great time playing, we also emphasize the importance of responsible gaming. It’s essential to set limits and stick to them to ensure that your gaming remains enjoyable and doesn’t become problematic.

We encourage our visitors to practice responsible gambling by establishing a budget before starting to play, taking breaks during gaming sessions, and avoiding attempts to recover losses. Remember, gambling should be viewed as entertainment, not a way to make money. If you ever feel that your gaming habits are becoming concerning or difficult to manage, please seek help and support.

  • What is Gaming?
    • Gaming refers to participating in games that entail wagering money or rewards, typically found in casinos or comparable establishments.
  • What is Responsible Gaming?
    • Responsible Gaming, also referred to as Safer Gambling, encompasses a range of social responsibility efforts within the gambling industry. These initiatives involve collaboration among government regulators, operators, and suppliers to uphold the integrity of JILIAAA operations and raise awareness about the risks of gambling, such as addiction.
    • At JILIAAA, Responsible Gaming is a fundamental focus for us. We are dedicated to ensuring that our gaming services provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all users. Our commitment involves implementing safeguards to prevent underage individuals from participating in gaming activities and offering support to those who require assistance in managing their gaming behavior.
  • What are the indicators that you might have a gaming problem?
    1. Feeling the need to hide your gaming habits, whether by playing in secret or lying about how much you play, can be a sign of potential issues. Believing that a big win will surprise others may indicate a problematic relationship with gaming.

    2. Managing your gaming behavior can be difficult once you start playing, as it can be hard to stop. The urge to continue playing until you’ve spent all your money, and then increasing bets to recoup losses, is a common challenge.

    3. Playing games when you don’t have the financial means is a red flag. Desperation to recover losses may lead to using money you don’t have, such as maxing out credit cards or using essential funds. This can spiral into borrowing, selling possessions, pawning items, or even resorting to theft for gaming money, creating a harmful cycle of financial troubles.

    4. If family and friends express concerns about your gaming habits, it’s crucial to take their feedback seriously. Denying the problem will only prolong the issue. Reflect on how gaming is impacting your life and consider seeking help. Asking for support is not a sign of weakness. Even older players who may have gambled away inheritance can still make positive changes by reaching out for assistance.

  • How do I stop myself or a loved one from playing if I/they can’t control myself/themselves anymore?
    • If you or a family member wish to refrain from gambling at our casino, JILIAAA offers a self-exclusion program. You can easily apply for this program to exclude yourself or your loved one from playing for a specific period of time.
  • How do I use this exclusion feature?
    • You can apply for exclusion by accomplishing the Self-Exclusion/Family Exclusion Form available at Submit this application along with other exclusion requirements specified in the PAGCOR website. You will also need to provide a government-issued proof of kin (i.e., marriage certificate, birth certificate, or license).
  • Who can I contact for Professional Assistance?
    You may directly contact:
    Bridges of Hope Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc.
    Parañaque: (+63) 7622-0193 | 0917-5098826
    New Manila: (+63) 7502-0600 | 0917-3099488


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